Pecan Bend Farm 
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Pecan Bend Farm

Sporthorses, Pecans, Custom Furniture and more

Unfortunatlely, we will not have a crop for 2013.

We let Mother Nature decide the crop. Our Pecans are grown naturally without the use of fertilizers, oils or other chemicals.
For only the second time since 1999, our trees did not produce a crop.
The 2012 pecans available from our freezer are no longer available.

Pecan Bend Farm, established in 1999 near Shreveport, Louisiana is situated in a beautiful pecan orchard. Pecan Bend Farm is home to a collection of Oldenberg Approved and Hanovarian sporthorses, pecans grown naturally with no chemicals or pesticides from 100+ year old trees and custom handmade furniture and tack trunks produced from Pecan and Cypress woods from Louisiana and  Black Walnut and Wild Cherry from Ohio.



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